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A book in which people are bred and grown in factories, where one egg can produce up to 96 different babies, all identical. They are predetermined to be Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon, with Alpha being the most intelligent and Gamma the least intelligent. They are conditioned and brought up, brainwashed in a sense, to love what their jobs are going to be. This caste system is strictly rigid and interaction between different castes is prohibited and undesireable. Each class, even the lowest, would not want to be any other class because they simply do not know how to live any other way, they do not know any other way of life. Everyone is happy. Everything is done in the name of progress and consumption. It is a perfect world.

Makes you think twice about wishing that the world was perfect. It scares you because we are heading for that world at this very instant.
Brave New World is an awesome book. If you don't like it, you either don't understand or you're running from the truth.
by The Leet April 21, 2004

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