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I lover/follower of a Trani God known as Eddie Izzard.*
Any action reminding one of the British comedian Eddie Izzard.
David coughed in an Izzardian fashion to cover the fact that he didn't remember the date of his brother's wedding.

Like a true Izzardian, William always thought of James Mason's voice when he imagined having a conversation with God.

*Note: This is not a true religion, if it was I'd be at church right now, not typing this out.
by The Anti-Bawer February 02, 2009

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That last annoying scrap of cloth separating you from sex or heavy petting.
John: I was about to go for it when I realized she still had a panty barrier.
Joe: Panty barriers are the worst, man.
by The Anti-Bawer November 22, 2009

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1. To cause unnecessary bawing or drama
2. To type like you have broken fingers.
3. To type like you have no grasp of basic spelling.
4. To post more than two journals/blogs in the same day.
5. To Rick-roll one's friends in one or more superfluous journal/blog entries.
6. To over dramatize the smallest problem.
"Why does Lizzie always have to cause so much Bre?"

"Ugh! I hate looking at all of Jack's journals! He's such a Bre!"
by The Anti-Bawer January 31, 2009

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