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A form of anarchist philosophy that seeks to reconcile and unite all anti-capitalist anarchists together for a common goal. This includes anarcho-communists, anarcho-collectivists, anarcho-syndicalists, mutualists, left market anarchists, individualist anarchists and sometimes even egoists, geolibertarians and agorists.
Except ancaps, for obvious reasons. Fuck ancaps.
Anarchist meeting:
Egoist: "Yo, who that dude who is trying to mediate the argument between the ancom and the mutualist?"
Ansynd: "Ahh, that's some dude who says he follows something called 'synthesis anarchism'. He basically thinks he can get us all to get along. I admire his goals, but that's so fucking naive. At least he has enough sense to not invite any bloody ancaps here."
by ThatoneguyGM April 4, 2021
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