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Kraftwerk is an electronic/techno a bit of kraut rock, avant-garde and alternative band. They were very popular in the 70s and 80s. They are known as the founding fathers of electronic music, as well as hip hop, drum and bass and house. Their most popular album is Die Mensch-Maschine also known as The Man Machine. Some of their most famous songs are The Robots, Trans-Europe Express and Autobahn. The artist Afrika Bambaataa used Kraftwerk's song Trans-Europe Express in his song Planet Rock. They were and still are one of the greatest electo bands in history.
Friend 1: Hey man I just came back from one of Kraftwerk's 3D concerts!
Friend 2: Did you see Ralf Hütter?
Friend 1: Yeah, he's so cool
by ThatMusicLover~ January 07, 2017
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