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The same night, 5 times. Then released in the same game but reskinned 4 times. Then milked the hell out of and given shards of backstory that nobody can make sense of, an Internet theory that will never be solved, and then the random added tons of porn, random shipping, And swamping half of Game Theory 's videos trying to make sense of the convoluted, garbled bits of story.
Ex. 1: Hello internet, welcome to game theory! Today, we're doing ANOTHER fnaf video, because we ran out of other ideas today!

Ex. 2: Person 1: Hey, do you know Five Nights at Freddy's?
Person 2: No, wha-
Every five year old within approx. 14.2 like radius: U TRASH GO KILL URSELF HAHAHA UR SO TRIGGERRRRRRED YEET BECOME YOTE UPON IM SO EDGY!!!!1!!!
by ThatFanTrash May 28, 2018

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