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An art style that replicates the art style of Japanese Anime/Manga but is made by an artist outside of Japan. Fakime may also contain some elements from American cartoons as well.
Teen Titans and Avatar: The Last Airbender would be considered to have a Fakime art style.
by That2000'sKid December 22, 2018

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A cheap rip-off of the best kind of canned chips out there, but made by the best potato chip company out there, but still, it's pretty shit regardless.
"Hey, uh, Devon? They didn't have Pringles in the store, so does some Lay's Stax work fine for you?"
by That2000'sKid October 26, 2017

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Basically, the opposite of a minor, which, of course, is an adult.
Man, I can't wait for my 18th birthday tommorow, I'm gonna finally become a minorn't!
by That2000'sKid March 17, 2020

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The worst nightmare you would ever have back in the day on the original XBOX 360 in it's launch. Trust me, it's fucking painful if you ask me, it happened to me one time I got the old 360 few days after Christmas. This was due to the rushed launch of the 360, or just buying a used one that may have already gotten the dreaded red ring.
This was (thankfully) solved with Microsoft holding a 3 Year warranty for repairs on the console. Well now we are in 2017, if you have this problem now and you had it for about what, 10 years? You are screwed. Or you can just buy a slim 360 which won't break down on you. So I guess you are not boned after all.
"Fuck, my game froze." *notices Red Ring Of Death* "FUCK!!!"
by That2000'sKid March 08, 2017

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