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The stereotypes in Alabama are immensely exaggerated. On the topic of racism, just because someone owns a confederate flag, doesn't make them racist. My mother is black, and my father is white, and my father owns a lighter with a confederate flag on it. Everyone from Alabama isn't dumb. I have lived here my whole life, and I'm only fifteen; I'm POSITIVE that I am smarter than half of the people on here who criticize Alabama on how dumb the people here are, and then not spell half of their words correctly. Not even I like it here, but people still shouldn't stereotype a place they've probably never been to themselves. I've only met one family that was inbred, but people are stupid enough to do that everywhere. The football stereotype is probably the only true one. Football is HUGE here. Also, you say that people defend Alabama on here as a sob story, if people were constantly telling you how horrible you and everyone around you were, then you'd have something to say, too. Thank you, have a great day. :)
Alabama is a very ebullient and gratifying place.
by that.one.girl March 21, 2008
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