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A group of people who throw partys for fun or profit.
Ay, what party crew is that?
by That 1 Guy April 28, 2008
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A first person shooter video game, that is SUPPOSEDLY so much better than the Call of Duty {COD} franchise, it will put it out of business.............VERY UNLIKELY
Boy 1: Hey, did you play that new game, "BANG BANG, SHOOT, SHOOT".

Boy 2: No, I haven't. Is it better than Call of Duty??

Boy 1: It's way better than Call of Duty, it may just be a COD KILLER.
by That 1 guy March 09, 2012
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J. GITTA is a rapper based out of detroit michigan. She runs with G.O.O.D. Mafia and TRU.
J. GITTA is the best rapper alive.
by THAT 1 GUY June 10, 2008
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