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Japanese games with erotic content. Mostly in the form of Visual Novels.
There are different types of eroge;

Bl Game; A game focused on two males that.. uhmm.. You know. It does not necessaryli have to have erotic content in it, but most of them do. Eksamples on Bl Games, include; Hadaka Shitsuji, Kuro no Tsuki, And all of Nitro+Chirals games. (Bl stands for Boisu rabbu gamu)

Nukige; Lit. Fap game. Yeah, that pretty much gives it all. There does not have to be a story, people should just be able to fap to it.

Nakige; Games that make you cry your eyes out. These games are meant to have an emotional impact on the people playing it. This category includes games like, Clannad, Little Busters - All of the games made by Key, go under this category.

Otomege; Lit. Maiden game. It's a game where the main character is female, and is supposed to get as many guys as possible. This category includes games like; Starry sky, Uta no prince-sama etc. (Many of them get an anime after release of the game)

Galge; Games where the main character is a boy, and is supposed to get as many girls as possible.

Gl game; Girlsu rabbu gamu
Person A; "Damn, Dave spent his whole weekend sitting at home playing Eroge. He needs to get a social life."
Person B; "That's nothing! My sisters spends everyday playing Bl Games!"
by That Fujoshi from Alaska September 15, 2013
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