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An American from any of the Northern states that stayed in the Union at the time of the Civil War. This would include, but not be limited to, people in the New England states descending from the original English settlers.

Even though there is a wide variety of personality and character types in the Northern United States as there are everywhere, there are certain stereotypical features of many Northerners. These qualities include a straight-forwardness that can easily develop into what Southerners perceive as abrasive and rude; a certain concern with macro moral issues that give them a self-righteous, arrogant quality; a lack of immediate friendliness with strangers--cold, standoffish, detached; a lack of style, panache; a bone-headed lack of concern with manners and gentility. Their speech tends to be flat and forceful sounding as though they are barking out orders.

Yankees won the Civil War only by using terrorist tactics and human wave attacks. This strategy exploited Northern advantages in sheer numbers of men and supplies.

In more recent times, a large influx of Yankees into the Southeast and Southwest has dissipated the influence of native Southerners in places such as Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Houston, and Atlanta, destroying what is unique about the South. As Southern culture fades in these places, incivility, crime, taxes, social isolation, aggressive behavior, out of control development increase.

Yankees have invaded Southerners' region and complain about the climate (too hot and humid), the people (they talk slow with a drawl and are "hypocrites" for being friendly with strangers but not wanting to be close friends with everyone they meet on the street), low taxes (not enough give away programs to the well-connected), racism (which they are as guilty of as Southerners), and too much emphasis on the Civil War.
Yankee in the South: "Bawb where did they say Lenox Maul is here in Atlanta (with a long, flat 'a')? These people here talk funny and are so dumb for being kind to us."
by Tex iin Tex February 03, 2008
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