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1) A crisp green sprout from the alfalfa seed. (Edible)

2) A term for pubes. Usually used by chefs to disguise the fact that they are "garnishing the dish". Waitress tend to be not too keen on delivering pubes to a customers table intentionally, thus the reason for the deception.

Chef 1: I’m all out of alfalfa sprouts for this fucktards meal, have you got any spare?

Chef 2: Why haven’t you got any?

Chef 1: I shaved ‘em off!

Chef 2: You’re a fag.

Chef 1: Fuck you! My lady said she’d deep throat me if I shaved ‘em all off… so I did!

Chef 2: Ok, but your still a fag! Here’s the alfalfa sprouts.
by tesfurdo November 20, 2006
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Abv. To be near the edge. Abbreviation of the words Near and Edge. Usually in description of someones mental state of mind, but can have other connotations.
That guys nedge, he's gonna bust his nut!

I was so nedge I almost fell off!
by Tesfurdo August 25, 2006
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Abv. To be special (as in mentally retarded) and safe (referring to character attributes).

That guys spafe! He may be a retard but you can damn sure as hell rely on him!
by Tesfurdo August 25, 2006
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