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One of the best underground rappers on the planet. Was born on March, 16th in L.A.. His style is extremely versatile, for he has some cool gangster songs as well as a bunch of rhymes, that make you think!! His music-machine is 9th Wonder, who also creates a hand full of inventive beats. Murs is one of the eight Living Legends members, the realist underground hiphop group, AND a MG. 3MG's are 3 of the 8 Living Legends rappers; they obviously own too ;-D
Murs is just great, and the four letters stand for:
1. Makin' Underground Raw Shit
2. Most Underground Rap Sucks
"Murs, one of a kind
so there's nobody like me
and I guess that's the reason, why nobody likes me
or is it that I don't like anybody else,
can't quite figure it out, so I keep to myself,
..." Murs - Got Damned
by Temhawk October 14, 2006

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The Living Legends are eight underground rappers. It is their rap name whenever they make songs featuring all members of the crew. These members are:
1. Murs
2. Sunspot Jonz
3. Bicasso
4. Scarub
5. The Grouch
6. Eligh
7. Aesop Rock
8. Luckyiam.PSC
3MG's, The CMA, Mystik Journeymen and The Underbosses are inner crew groups. All of them together make the Living Legends team.
"Legendary originality here to battle the fallacy
Here to put it down with my crew
Actually I'm open to any option, except belly flopping
Over a sloppy copy of a Primo track, that's a fact
..." Living Legends - War Games
by Temhawk October 14, 2006

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3MG's stands for "3 Melancholy Gypsys". This little underground rap crew consists of Murs, Eligh and Scarub. Them three MC's are part of the larger Living Legends crew.
"It's the end of the beginning
So I thought it only right that I bring along the
motherfuckers I started this shit with
2003MG's Melancholy Gypsys
Murs, Scarub, Eligh" Murs - Done Deal
by Temhawk October 14, 2006

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