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The nazis of the internet. They lash out at anything and anyone, but they do it for the lulz, so it's all good.
Teh lulz are above even the spagetti monster, and Encyclopedia Dramatica proves this.
by TeleIce September 27, 2007

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Yet another retarded subsitute for the word idiot.
Dan, you're a basset.
by TeleIce November 15, 2007

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1. Shitty ass Sonic the Hedgehog anime based on the Sonic Adventure plotlines. Although a lot of people say it’s good in Japanese, it’s not, because it still has Chris in it.

4Kids not only bastardized this show with edited gunshots (changed to ‘laser sounds’) and crappy voice acting (with the exception of Mike Pollock), they completely ruined the opening. Oh, and did I mention the crappy voice acting?

Sometime in 2004-2005 or whatever, SEGA took a crazy amount of drugs and decided to hire the Sonic X voice actors for the games. This resulted in a fandom blow up, as the infamous Jason Griffith absolutely murdered Sonic's and Shadow’s voices. Petitions have been started, but so far nothing seems to get through to that insane monkey anal-fucker SEGA.

If the world has any sanity left in it, Sonic X will erase itself from history using Chaos Control, just like in that Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) game that everyone hated.

Remember kids, Chris is NO GOOD.

2. See gay.
Ever since SEGA hired the Sonic X voice actors, Sonic games have gone downhill. I blame not 4Kids or SEGA, but the show itself, because it sucked.
by TeleIce September 16, 2007

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