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-uDi(United Drunks International) - noun. A gathering of epicness of epic people who know how to have a good time and own like no tomorrow.

-uDi(United Drunks International) - noun. A group of gamers whose sheer awesomeness will burn and melt anyone who cannot handle the win. Best. Clan. Ever.
-uDi(United Drunks International) - adjective. A title given to select individuals who have show skills that can't be replicated in the gaming community.
-uDi(United Drunks International) - noun. A home away from home for people that suffer any level of disorder that the outside word would laugh at or shun them away. For example: Alcoholism, Retardation, Con Artists, Ban Hammers, Pie Lovers, Late Night Antics, Supreme Burners and Grumpy Old Men.
-"When I grow up, I want to be just like the guys at uDi!"

-"If only uDi were a governmental body, then the world would be a perfect place"
-"I need a place to go since no one likes me. I wonder if uDi will take me under their wing?"
by Tekatokikuta August 13, 2009

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Greatest Call of Duty player to ever walk the face of the game and wield a sniper rifle. Usually seen a god when playing due to his sniping abilities. Gives off some sort of invisible aura that helps comrades play better due to his presence.
1)"Tekatokikuta is a crack shot with his ability with a sniper rifle and gains much respect from his fellow gamers as he walks by."
2)"I hate you and your sniper Tekatokikuta."
3)"Tekatokikuta, is the sniper the only thing you can shot and own with.
by Tekatokikuta November 17, 2008

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