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1. Blacks
2. Niggas
Samuel L. Jackson: "I have had it with these muthafuckin snakes, on this mothafuckin plane!!!!"
Mike: "I didn't know they let canadians fly US Air.."

Morgan Freeman: "I am god."
Paul: "God is canadian? Since when?!"

Todd: "Mannnn this cereal is the shit!!!"
John: "Silly canadians, trix are for kids!"
by Teh-magik-waffle August 30, 2011
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Common household accessory.
Sammich maker.
Please note: Best results achieved if placed in or around the kitchen.

Also note: It is wise to not allow women to come in contact with money as it will magically dissapear as if David Blaine were present.
by Teh-Magik-Waffle August 30, 2011
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