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To cry, most random word ever produced in the north west tbh. See also "Mard arse"
"Stop scriking you mard arse."
by Teh win March 31, 2005
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One of the best fighting games. Came out before Virtua Fighter, uses nothing from Street Fighter, has a so-called "cheap" combo system so that anybody can play it. Not hard to beat, but hard to master.
1st guy "Tekken 4 owns j00!"
2nd guy "nuh-uh, Tekken Tag owns all j00r base f00!"
3rd guy "Virtua fighter owns you". Proceeds to get the shit kicked out of him.
by Teh Win March 31, 2003
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Currently, still selling more than the X-Box. Not like thats an achievement. I earnt more than MicroWeenie did in the first quarter by selling electric blankets in Texas
Playstation 2 is leading the console market, and is indicative of Sonys commitment to the demands of an ever changing market.
by Teh Win March 31, 2003
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