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Swedish term for the English word"hag" or "Karen".

Usually describes a miserable, lonley, bitter Swedish woman over the age of 45, who terrorizes young people (usually female and/or with immigrant background) at work.

They love spreading negativity, starting fake rumours, and creating drama. They have worked at the same place for years and are hard to get rid of if you're an employer.

Due to the pension age in Sweden, workers and costumers have to just endue them, even if a Kärring is showing signs of severe mental decline and is not fit to work.
Scenario 1:

Happy young woman: Hi, I'd like to buy this top, are there any XS sizes available?

Kärring: XS? Have something to eat instead!

**Awkward silence**

Kärring: I was just kidding, or was I?
*smiles broadly to show yellowing, rotting teeth*

I will check if we have it in stock for you, princess.

Scenario 2:

Happy young woman with immigrant background: Hi, sorry to bother you, I'm new at the job, can I ask where room 34B is?

Kärring: *looks up and down* can I ask you something?

Young woman: Uh, yes but I'm in a hurry.

Kärring: Where are you from?

*Long conversation about immigration*

Young woman: I'm really late for my meeting, can you tell me where room 34B is?

Kärring: *smiles broadly showing yellow, rotting teeth* I have no idea sweetie, ask the janitor.
by TedNugentKYS June 28, 2023
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An utterly infernal, rotten individual, especially one who tries their damndest to fuck their dog and tack their highly offensive views on everything.
Linda: Horror of horrors... Ted Nugent is trending on twitter?
Steve: Yeah, he called the Parkland students poor, pathetic liars with no soul.
Linda: What a fucking shitgibbon!
by TedNugentKYS March 31, 2018
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Acronym for Cope and Dilate

Said to MTF transwomen who have undergone Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) to obtain a neo-vagina which has to be dilated multiple times a day for years to prevent it from closing up.
Reddit transwoman: The reason I can't get laid is because of cissexism perpetuated by bigoted gay, lesbian and straight people. Genital fetishistic bigots!!!

Fed-up Reddit user*: CAD

before getting permanently banned from Reddit.
by TedNugentKYS June 20, 2021
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