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1.) Nigga means friend, homie, etc.
It does not mean black person.
I hate how ignorant black people think that no one can say it but them. Any race or person can say nigga if they mean it in a nice friendly way.
2.)Nigger does not mean black. It means ignorant.Basically, stupid.
3.)Ignorant means "not knowing". Everyone is ignorant when it comes to something.
4.)I don't advise you to use it as a racist term.
**Personally nor "nigga" nor "nigger" should be used at all.
1.)"Yo, nigga. What's up?"
2.)"You nigger, Your so dumb."
3.)"Your ignorant when it comes to math."
4.)"You fucking nigger, You need to go back to picking cotton."
*Never use nigger or nigga because there 2 stupid words, for any age group.
by TaylorCrawford July 10, 2008

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