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Is an incredibly ruggedly handsome man. He strives for the best things in life and gives positive vibes to everyone he meets. This man is easy to love and can ultimately ulter ur state of mind. This man has sex appeal and women drool over him even though he would not think of himself as so. Hes particular in his ways but open minded, caring and gives off a comforting energy. He is quiet and polite he does not like to fight or raise his voice, his wisdom from past experiences allow him to understand that there is no need. This man cherishes material items such as vehicles. He values his hobbies, intertwined with his determination and drive towards obtainng nice things. He is a sweet talker and gives off a mysterious vibe to women. He enjoys time with his friends and doing things that are productive in nature. This man strives for the secrets in life and what his purpose will be, All while, leaving a vast impact on other lives. This loving man has an abundance of beautiful things to of
fer mentally, and physically, but rarely can he observe that of himself. This mans smile is astounding and his kind eyes are doe like to make anyone crazy for him. He is a guarded man he loves his privacy and time to be his own indivdual. To not know this man would ultimately suck, he provides a vision of life that many do not see or understand, This is a man you would absolutely want in your life. This is Blaine.
Blaine is an amazing man.

Blaine is sexy as eff
by Taurusgirl23 July 08, 2014

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