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A feeling where you cannot bare to be apart from a certain person for long, where you can clearly picture their face in your mind, where you know you can tell them anything and they will litsen, where you don't need to have sex or alchohol to make a night special and just being in each others company makes you forget your troubles.
True love is when the person you love unconditionally feels the same way about you, where you know you can trust each other and never want to be with anyone else ever again.
It can be instant 'love at first sight' and can also grow over time.
When i first saw you i knew you were special, not i know i have found my true love.
by Tarasia December 11, 2007
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A steryotype for teenagers.
Emos generally have died black hair that covers part of the face (mainly the eyes) and wear tight fitting clothes.
The word 'emo' is short for 'emotional' and generally refers to someone of roughly the above description who 'is not afraid to' express their feelings of hatred about the world. For example, a person who openly feels wonderful about society is not emo. An emo feels hard done by and skeptical about society, and some become so depressed by their own dark thoughts that they try to 'end the nightmare' and commit suicide. The most comonly thought of way of doing this is slitting their wrists.
Some emos go a step further in expresing their feelings by being open about their sexual preferences, see 'emo boy kissing' for more info.
i hate the world, therefore, i am emo.
by Tarasia December 10, 2007
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