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When something sucks, but not overly sucks. Less emphatic that "shit" and a little more playful. Shit on a stick!
I can't find my other sock...shitzkabob!
by Tara Brown April 07, 2008
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Canadian emote. Whenever a Canadian meets another Canadian outside of Canada, an instant bond occurs between the countrymen (women). They relax, embrace, exchange home city information, discuss hockey or some funny Newfie joke and generally ensure the other person is having a good time.
Tara gave Kevin some canuckarma when she found out he was also from Vancouver.

There's a lot of canuckarma in the room with all the Canadians discussing the latest hockey game.
by Tara Brown April 06, 2008
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When something is both creepy and cute at the same time.
Stalkers who make up cute blog posts about you.

That guy is so creeputie. His blog post about how cute and pretty I am is very nice but I don't know who the hell he is and why he knows so much about me.
by Tara Brown October 14, 2008
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