3 definitions by Tanica

He’s better then a bad bitch, he’s the baddester bitch. Nicholas is the baddester bitch and I’d smash 10/10
“Damn he’s the baddester bitch, we can’t even compare. Like he could get any and every girl if he wanted”
by Tanica May 2, 2020
Allera is an avocado and Doggo loving girl. She will buy socks with a cool design if given the chance. She’s is an incredible friend and 200 percent will steal ur BBQ sauce
“Allera is so cool she eats avocados like pussy”
by Tanica May 14, 2020
Tisharni means an amazing smart person who is beautiful and is always perfect. The name Tisharni means to be born on Christmas Day.
1.Oh the girl was such a Tisharni!

2. Hey Tisharni, what are you doing
by Tanica July 22, 2018