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Adrian is a sweet caring guy, he will do anything for the one he loves. He works hard to keep a relationship. A lot of girls like him. He is very hot. He has really pretty eyes and the most perfect freckles. When he's around his friends he tends to get a bit sarcastic and goofy that that will never interfere with the love you will have for him. He is very funny and sarcastic. He has a very good sense of style.He has the most sweetest personality and he'll do whatever it takes to make you smile. He makes you get butterflies when he talks. You can tell him what you feel because he will help you with problems and he will help you get through them. Everything about him is just perfect! Maybe if your lucky enough you will find an adrian!
Hannah: hey look at that guy over there, he has really pretty eyes
Willow: yeah he's really funny too, i think his name is adrian
Hannah: it has to be
by TammyM March 12, 2017
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