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Tallin, what a beautiful name for something you can’t help but love. She is overly confident ast times but can be shy at first. She can be the most loyal, amazing, and honorable friend anduome could have. But.. if you get on her bad side she’s not afraid to kick some major ass. She can be known for being fierce and intimidating. She is the most sexy, badass around. If you are lucky enough to have a Tallin in your life, keep her. She will love all your flaws, and mistakes and everything. She can make mistakes but they always turn out goofy. Tallin, the girl you want, and you know it.
Wow, it’s Tallin look how beatiful she looks.

Look ! Tallin, I’m gonna go ask her out !!

Wow, look at that booty her name must be Tallin.
by Tallin January 20, 2018
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