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A school is there because its were kids get pissed then drop out and then shoot up that school
Who shot up those School's

i think cuz did
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by Taiyaburger February 04, 2019

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only the most edgiest people use this and is one those items that your idiot parents are telling you to do every single hour while you are playing fortnite with headphones that are blasting in your ears the careless whisper and then you think someone is in the room but then no one is MAGIC so then you keep playing fortnite but then realising someone is knocking on the door and you open it and its your girlfriend and you were going to take her out today so you said come play fortninte but this girl is not some gamer girl she is a person with no regret in hurting someone and your girlfriend had hurt your best friend in the third grade and then once you told him you have a girlfriend with that person you then regret telling him that because now you have no friend and then you eventually say i give up and then you killed
you-i play board games

guy-your trash you weeb
by Taiyaburger May 23, 2018

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