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Okay everyone, I've read over several definitions of a Chav, and determined the American equivalent.

A 'Chav' in America would be a Bro, with certain Ricer and a Wigger traits infused, with the exceptions that Bros wear dirt biking apparel instead of premium designer clothing, and 'make up' trucks instead of Novas.

The equivalent of the Chavette would be the Bro Hoe. Bleached blonde on top, dark on bottom. Not as fertile as Chavettes, but never without a pack of cigarettes and thick eye liner.
See that Bro over there, wearing his shiny Fox wifebeater, chilling in his alcoholic stepdad's trashed out, raised F150. If he were English he'd be such a Chav.

"She's a down low bro hoe Chavette fo sho" - Dead in Ditches by Hollywood Undead
by Tacit Knowledge October 15, 2008
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