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A compound word (banter+broadcast/podcast)
A show primarily involved in the broadcasting of comedy/banter, e.g a radio show or podcast.

*Did you catch the latest episode of Jim and Tom's bantercast?
*We need at least 2 people to record a bantercast and start bantercasting.
*Plenty of banterisms in last nights bantercast eh?
by Tabbzy April 21, 2009
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A person who partakes in recording a comedy radio show or podcast.
Also see the verb form "bantercasting"
*There are 3 main bantercasters in John's show.
*Steve's bantercast isn't the same since they lost Bob as their 3rd bantercaster.
*I love working as a bantercaster, it's a really fun job!
by Tabbzy January 30, 2009
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