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An English musician who was a founding member of The Beatles. One of the greatest songwriters and musicians of all time, he collaborated with Paul McCartney to form the most successful songwriting duo of all time. Also the rhythm guitarist of the band, some of his greatest Beatles songs where he sang lead vocal include "A Day In the Life", "Nowhere Man", "I Am the Walrus", "Come Together", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "All You Need Is Love", "I'm a Loser, and "A Hard Day's Night".

He went on to have a very successful solo career after the Beatles disbanded in 1970. He wrote ionic songs such as "Imagine" and his best albums included Imagine and Plastic Ono Band.

In 1975, his son Sean Lennon was born, and John took a five year break from music to spend time with him. In 1980, he made a comeback with the album "Double Fantasy".

Tragically, a few weeks later, he was murdered by some bastard outside his house in New York City. Just as he and Yoko were returning home, he was shot at the entrance of his home and died when he arrived at the hospital.

We lost a legend who gave so much to the world. Music of course, but also he gave us a sense of peace, love and happiness. A man who was flawed, just like all of us.....but yet was a person everyone loved and was inspired by. We also never got a chance to see the Beatles reunite.

RIP John Lennon: 1940-1980.
Imagine all the people

Living life in peace

-John Lennon
by TXkid87 February 16, 2012
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