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Fight Against Grenade Spam. Infinityward's failed game trailer released shortly before Modern Warfare 2's release. The trailer was soon taken down by Infinityward because of the offensive acronym. In the trailer an animated Philidelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels talks about "...something close to his heart, random grenades." The trailers release was most likely a response to the Call of Duty community's dislike of the fragmentation grenade (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare frags were thought by many to be "overpowered" due to their large blast radius. Many players often "spammed 3 frags off spawn") in the previous Modern Warfare. Critics of the game trailer stated that the whole incident could have been avoided if the acronym had been changed to F.R.A.G.S. (Fight Relentlessly Against Grenade Spam). The trailer can be found on video websites such as YouTube (The trailer was removed from Infinityward's YouTube page shortly after it's release but is on other pages).
Player 1: "Hey did you see the new F.A.G.S. trailer for Modern Warfare 2?"
Player 2: "Some of it. They took the video down when it was halfway through loading. All i saw was some guy wearing a..." *ping, ping... BOOM!* "Thats it!!! I'm done with these grenade spamming fags. I am definitely not getting Modern Warfare 2."
Player 1: "Actually, if you watch the rest of it..." -Player 2 is offline- "...of course."
by TJVClutch August 06, 2010
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