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An over-rated video game that stole everyone of my friends.
My friend: Yo do you want to come over and play Halo 2

Me: I told you i have a PS2 and Halo 2 sucks ass.

My friend: If you say that again I'll be forced to stab you with a soldering iron.
by THS December 22, 2004
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tower hill is a private school located in wilmington delaware. its school colors are green and white and its mascot is the tiger. when talking about a tower hill student they are mostly referred to as "hillers" and the school will be called THS at some point. the dress code is so strict its hard not to be preppy, yet some people are not. the 6th grade has cliques and are mean to each other and they have their 'mean girls' group and have days wear they wear their hair in buns and pink days. the teachers are okay but some are overly intimidating. most students who leave tower hill go to tatnall. tower hill is known for their girls sports and it would suck to be a guy and want to win some games. the girls dominate in field hockey and don't do too shabby in lacrosse either. Some people think tower hill is a perfect prep school were all the little students are virgins and have never taken a puff. they have been mislead. while THS isn't a druggie school, its no cathlic school either
"hey you 6 graders whens the next pink day?"

"tower hill was too prepy for me so i went to tatnall"

"hey hillers u rock!"
by THS March 30, 2005
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Juicebox is when a guy prematurely ejaculates when aroused by a pretty girl. As with a juicebox...you push the straw in and the juice squirts everywhere when you don't want it to.
Oh man, this kid was sitting with his girlfriend and all of the sudden he juiceboxed all over himself!
Man that guy is a total juicebox!
by THS July 03, 2004
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