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P - Psychiatric
E - Evaluation
R - Required
I - Insane
O - Occasionally
D - Dangerous
S - Sicko

P - Pre
M - Menstrual
S - Syndrome's
F - Fuckin
L - Lethal

Recurring cycle of physical changes that occurs in reproductive age females.
Take your hands into your own life if you go near a maniac female who’s having her periods. Take my advice and run like fuck at this time of the month

Psychiatric Evaluation Required Insane Occasionally Dangerous Sicko
Pre Menstrual Syndrome’s Fuckin Lethal
Psychiatric evaluation required insane occationally dangerous woman with her monthly periods

Pre menstrual syndrome's fuckin lethal
PMSFL – Pissin My Self Fuckin Laughin
by TERRIFIED MAN February 27, 2008

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