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Having committed the sacrilegious act of placing ones sac on a religious or holy object or image. Not to be confused with sacrilegious which refers to having committed sacrilege (i.e. that which is "grossly irreverent toward what is or is held to be sacred" as stated by dictionary.com)
"Putting his sac on the image of their holiest leader is certainly a sacreligious act."

"When I am being sacreligious it may or may not be sacrilegious....but it is certainly sacrilicious"
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A real S.O.B., a step up from motherfucker (but perhaps less offensive when heard in public). Evolved from motherfucker and inspired by the monstrocity Mothra, a foe of the famous Godzilla.
"That mothrafucker just stepped on my sac!"
"Mothrafucking Godzilla is always going around stepping on people's sacs."
"Only a real mothrafucking mothrafucker would commit such an inconsiderate act."
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One who wanders the streets; a more dignified term for 'bum'.
All the urban nomads that are addicted to junk sleep under the bridges.
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