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Verb:To MAN is to carry out a task in "manly" fashion, be this anything from drinking a small cup of free ice tea or attending a long shift at work after several ecstacy tablets and or large quantities of alcohol, cannibis or ketamine.
"MAN it u dickshit!"-said to a person failing to drink more than 10 pints of lager.//
"Fukin' MAN it down"-said to a person drinking at a slow rate.//
"Lets go to the park and MAN"-said to fellow man when wishing to attend a public park for manly purposes.//
"Lay the MAN down"-To show a fellow person who is the 'boss' whether this be through brutal violence or sexual punishment.//
"MAN her!!! MAN her now!!!"-To embark in barbaric sexual activity without the said females consent.//
"Stop being a 'fanny', just MAN it out!"-Advising a peer to undergo an activity which appears extremely dangerous and/or unfavourable due to unusualy high level of intoxication from the aforementioned substaces.
by TEAM MAN December 07, 2006

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