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"Ahmazing" is best used to show disdain for and general contempt for an idea, concept or statement made by a vapid-twenty-something blogger.

The use of amazing or even amazeballs, typically paired with extra punctuation and animated emoji, to describe something that is decidedly not out of the ordinary, like a sharpie or a rock or Bud Light can be mocked with a retweet, share or comment including the term ahmazing. The vapid blogger either a) misses the insult or b) reads it as praise, which is actually amazing.
Example 1:
OMG. Did you guys know it's 10/11/12???!!!! That is AMAZING!
Oh, yes, we knew what day it is. And sequential numbers ARE aHmazing.

Example 1:
So, the manager at Olive Garden comped our meal, even though we totally had a Groupon. Read my review: the food there is AMAZING!!! I give it twelve stars!
Wow, your food was comped and the review was good. At Olive Garden. Unbelievably AHMAZING.

Example 3
Did you guys know that hops are used to make beer? AMAZING!!?!!
Wow, hops are used to make beer? And your'e allowed to use the internet? Ahmazing.
by TCTC November 13, 2012

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