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...also know as Kurtleturtle is part of the coolest gang TBW and the image of a really really good friend.
To have a fresh start in the day and to be prepared to glue 500 paper bags, he always drinks an iced coffee. He highly recommends that to everyone, since he believes it’s good for everyone’s health. (But sorry Kurt, we guess you’re wrong... ;))
Moreover Kurt is an openbook. He loves to share his inner feelings as a ritual. For everyone who is interested: Come by at 7:41pm and join the inner feeling session.

After the inner feeling ritual it’s time for the everyday toothbrush session. Even though he pretends to hate it, when people come in his room to give him some company during that time, he actually LOVES it!
Talking about love: he loves dogs more than kids. But TBW is always first and he really misses his two best buddies.
Kurt is a Kurtleturtle
by TBW_ December 24, 2018

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