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Mothers who live in Dunwoody a rich city in the burbs of Atlanta where everyone lives in huge expensive house. They drive around in expensive SUVs and because they're usually stay at home moms they spend their time driving to their kids private school to help with the PTA or meet with their book club, getting their nails done, going to the mall, and sticking up their noses and acting really snobby everytime they see anyone in baggy clothing or talking slang. They never hesitate to call the police if they think anything is semi sketchy in their gated communities. Their favorite activity however is to gossip about how their family is so perfect even though their kid is really the biggest drugy and their husband is fucking their next door neighbor.
Kid 1: god my moms so fucking nosey why can't she mind her own business!
Kid 2: damn! looks like you got a dunwoody mom!
Kid 1: fuck! oh well wanna get high?
Kid 2: won't your mom find out?
Kid 1: hell no! she thinks I'm such a goodie two shoes
by T4keite4sy July 12, 2009

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