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An above-average, God-Tier being with ultimate knowledge and supreme intellect, who has blinding speed, is extremely agile, and has the utmost precision. Cannot be outsmarted or beaten in a race. A high class ninja, who is exceptionally skilled in the art of frisbee and shotokan karate. Seeks the true meaning of life, while dominating every possible curve thrown his way in an epic combination of insane luck and skill.
Question:"How are you soooo EPICC???"
Nate: eh, it's just in-Nate I guess.

Runner 1: "WOW did you see that??"
Runner 2: "No."
Runner 1: "Me neither."
Runner 2: "Judging by the nature of the aftermath of that sonic-boom, I'd wager it was Nate."

Did he really just ace a par 5 in disc golf?!?! WTF NATE!!!

I didn't think it was possible to be TOO GOOD AT EVERYTHING ....then I met Nate.

Sorry Nate!! I didn't mean too!!
Nate: -_-
Don't kill me!!!
Nate: (grins)
Nate: (laughs, and throws a frisbee after him, killing him instantly)

Girl: Heyy Nateee!
Nate: Oh hi.
Girl: I REALLY need your help with some astrophysics.
Nate: No prob. ;)

Nate can FLY?!?!
by T3hM4st3r0r March 31, 2011
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