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A person who epic fails, especially in computer fighting games.
i.e. I was playing Halo 3 on XBOX with a mate of mine. i have an energy sword, and he just has a lame old pistol. i lunge at him, point ****ing blank, but epically miss. he just whips me once with his pistol, and pwns me in one hit. This, therefore, makes me an epic fail noob.
by T3h 133735t 3p1c f@1l n00b eva December 01, 2009
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Describing something that is extremely good / skilled, especially in computer games.
i.e. I have a friend who is extremely skilled at Halo 3 on XBOX360. He is one of the highest ranked people i know, and can get 50 kills on me in the time it takes me to get 5. This, therefore makes me an epic fail noob, and him 1337 pwnage.
by T3h 133735t 3p1c f@1l n00b eva December 13, 2009
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(n) a word to describe a person who is the best at somethign in any given particular group, especially fighting games. Derived from:

T3H = The
1337 = leet = elite
prawnzor = ownage + ownzor + prawn

T3h 1337 prawnzor = The elite ownage prawn ownzor

Used in sentences such as:
Player 1: OMFG I just no-scoped that Player 2 noob from the other side of the map! W00t!

Player 3: LOL you are t3h 1337 prawnzor!
by T3h 133735t 3p1c f@1l n00b eva December 17, 2009
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(verb) When someone, especially on online fighting games, scores a very skilled and awesome-looking kill.

Prawned = beaten majorly and awesomely
Slaughtered = killed
Prawnslaughtered = killed majorly and awesomely
Bob: ZOMFG!!!!one!eleven! T3h n00bz0r just tried to pwn me with a rocket launcher! He failzored, and i pwned him with a fucking pistol!!!!!!1!11!!!!!

Douchefrag: LOLZORS u just prawnslaughtered him dude u is t3h 1337 prawnzor!!!!!!!!!
by T3h 133735t 3p1c f@1l n00b eva December 25, 2009
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When your mother / father keep pestering you to eat you vegetables, and continually question you about it, despite the fact that you have told them NO 47 times already.
Mother: If you don't eat your vegetables, you won't get any ice cream afterwards...

Son: I don't give a damn! I don't want to eat my vegetables!

Father: Why don't you want to eat your vegetables?

Son: I just don't want -

Mother: Tell your father why you won't eat your vegetables now!

Son: Bloody hell, ma! What is this, the Spinach Armada?
by T3h 133735t 3p1c f@1l n00b eva January 09, 2010
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