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A Wide Range of synthetic cannabinoids created by John W. Huffman. Commonly put into "herbal incense" to give the user effects similar to Marijuana. Some JWH Chemicals such as 018, 073, and 081 have been banned by Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia but remain legal in other states. By federal law it is unscheduled but if a police officer sees you carrying around a bag full of white powder your going to jail.

There are multiple JWH chemicals with their own said effects:
018 is supposed to produce a Indica like body high
073 is supposed to produce a Sativa like buzz
081 is supposed to be a mix of 018 and 073's effects

JWH chemicals generally sell for $50 online, 1 Gram of JWH-018 could technically dose a person over 100 times.
Bobby: I'm afraid of using a plant to get high, isn't there any synthetic chemical made in a lab that is completely legal I can use instead?

Johny: Sure Bobby, use JWH-018. The long term effects aren't known and if you do alot at one time you might die. But its fine because its legal.
by SyntheticNaturals July 31, 2010
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