2 definitions by Swyfty Swyf

A hangover cure consisting of 3 ounces of Pepto-Bismol and 3 ounces of Popov vodka.
I had too many coldbeers last night.

I need a Pepto-Pop pronto.
by Swyfty Swyf July 08, 2009
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Going to a rave for the sole purpose of fishing for candy kids.
One must use a fishing pole with a glow stick for a lure.
Once the candy kid spots the glowstick, tug it a little so he/she will instinctively chase.
Then reel it all the way back in.
If their feelings get hurt, give them the glowstick and their faith in humanity will be restored.
"Hey Pete, what did you guys do last night?"

"We went candy kid fishing. It was my first time out, and I caught a Hello Kitty!"
by Swyfty Swyf March 04, 2010
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