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1. A group of internet-goers who separated from the well-known Bungie.net and created their own website of growing infamy. Notable accomplishments include:

RaptorVision and The Great Raid of 8/14/08

2. I'm covered in bees.

"Dude, did you hear about the New Flood."

"Yeah, they are kind of a big thing."



by Sword and Scales August 30, 2008
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Often seen in any college photo album, or on a Facebook page, it is the progression of random gang signs, open mouths, and other signs of drunkenness, exponentially increasing as you flip through the album.
"Man, Christie needs to work on her Escalation of Inebriation, her pictures went from a girl flashing someone, to a funeral, and then to something about Barack Obama."
by Sword and Scales November 24, 2008
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