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The Leading sign of the Zodiac. All hail the powerful Aries.. we are strong, ruthless and we are incredibly versatile. Piss one of us off and you will regret it. Yet, we can be the most sincerest of the starsigns without being overly emotional like that of the pisces. But none-the-less.. we are comedic and humouress and love to make people smile.
Hitler (the dictator) was an Aries! - April 20th
Eddie Murphy (the Actor) is an Aries! - April 3rd
by Sweet Nat January 29, 2006

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A nicname given to a young, playful lady with an adorable personality. Often possessing beautiful features, a sincere charm and an excitable attitude towards life, it's not hard to fall in love with such a character.
Ive never been happier... and its all because of you... I Love you Kitten!
by Sweet Nat February 22, 2006

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The belief of superiority over another race, culture or colour. Often taking this hatred to extremes with verbal abuse and possibly violence. People try their best not to encourage this kind of behaviour, but they cant stop everyone. It needs to be acknowledged that "white" people arent the only racist group, but they are the only ones who get "crucified" by it.
I'm not Racist! I believe all whites were created equal!
by Sweet Nat February 23, 2006

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a merciless, unbothered person. cold blooded, heartless and unforgiving. if you meet one watch out. if u harbour the notion u might be able to melt one by pleasing them into submission.. u are severely mistaken.
"You know that girl, yeah, the mean one.. talk about an Ice Queen! She's a bitch!"
by Sweet Nat February 03, 2006

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One of the 3 fire signs of the zodiac. These people make themselves known because they love the attention, and know how to get it. Although often shy in crowds, when they know what they want, they dont hesitate to get it.
Yes i love the attention... from you... I cant help it.. Im a Leo!
by Sweet Nat February 22, 2006

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An indecisive, unsure person. However happy the person may appear, they will spend much of their life trying to find out who they really are. Often taking the longest path, these people will find someone along the way who will give them the confidence they need to discover who they are, and what they need from life.
I'm like a Catdog! God knows who I am!!!
by Sweet Nat February 22, 2006

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The art of surprising your loved one by randomly telling them that you love them.. need them... miss them. Often said in the middle of conversations that are totally unrelated.
Lover 1 - So I went to the beach today...
Lover 2 - Oh god I Love you!
Lover 1 - Aw wow!! What was that for?
Lover 2 - Just.... Spontaneous Affection! ... I really missed you today..
by Sweet Nat February 24, 2006

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