3 definitions by Sweet T Smoove

Bun worn on top of the head by scummy women who are too lazy to wash their hair. Usually paired with pajama pants as a low income fashion statement. It is formed by the skank twirling it's hair into a ball and putting a rubber band on the greasy ball.
The Scum Bun is the chosen hairdo of 65 pound crack whores.
by Sweet T Smoove October 01, 2015
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Unwitting salesman for Hey Dudes that tries to influence people on Internet forums into purchasing shoes that should only be worn by hippies and teenyboppers.
Hey Dudes feel like you’re walking on kittens. You gotta buy a pair because Cool Bob wears them. You too can be a Hey Dudebag
by Sweet T Smoove August 14, 2021
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A username picked by awkward, creepy mofucka
That cooldood sure is an awkward mofucka.
by Sweet T Smoove March 11, 2021
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