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A mysterious guy that is always quiet and usually goes alone. This name is given to people of Italian or Hispanic decent. His past always hunts him. he is very hard to find disappears easily, can be found in harsh climates. His soul is corrupted.He doesn't trust many people once you get to know him he is caring, sweet, and cute. His laugh brings joy to you in an instant and you'll find yourself lost. He will go through all heights just to see a smile on the one he loves. Through ups and downs he stays till the end to wipe away your tears. Because of his big heart he tends to get hurt if he is not shown the same amount of love he shows to you. Don't ever take this boy for granted, he's worth more then all the money in the world. You will never regret meeting this boy. He usually has lots of enemies and is driven towards revenge he will brake all his rules.
you act like Giovanni.
by Susan1234# November 08, 2013

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