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This is just the worst single person you can imagine. If Hitler and Robert Pattinson from Twilight had a child. He would be a heartless bastard motherfucker. The term was originally coined by English songwriter Frank Tuner for his song of the same name. The song itself is autobiographical - however this may be him getting into the head of someone else or perhaps it represents a part of all men who are secretly heartless bastard motherfuckers in their own heads. Who knows!
Girl - 'No joke, you are actually a heartless bastard motherfucker and i hope you die'

Boy - 'And maybe I am...?'
by Superman's Dog June 01, 2009

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An Irish slag term for the desire to fuck someone. But a really bad sort of angry, dirty violent sort of shag.
Girl 1 - 'Oh I'd hockey the box of him!'

Girl 2 - 'Oh shit yeah, me too! I would fuck his shit up, big

by Superman's Dog June 01, 2009

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1. Synonymous with love life.
2. The ventral opening of a lady.
3. A terrible attempt at smack talk/tough guy attitude.
1. Josh - 'Dude, how is the fanny front?'

Todd - 'Josh man, it's awesome! I have 7 girls going at

the same time! My balls look vacuum packed

they are so empty!'

2. Josh - 'Todd man, her fanny front must look like a

wizard's sleeve!'

3. Josh - 'Todd, shut yo damn mouth bitch!'

Todd - 'Dude, lose the fanny front'
by Superman's Dog June 01, 2009

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