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1) The best superhero comics and tv shows and movies with the best superheroes such as: supergirl, superman, green arrow, flash, batman, green lantern, Wonder Woman, aqua man, hawk girl, hawkman, the atom, black canary, white canary, speedy, red arrow, rip hunter, Martian manhunter and many, many more

2) The best villains come from DC comics too such as: Non, general Zod, lex Luther, maxwell Lord, joker, Toyman, the calculator, zoom, vandal savage, reverse flash, bizarro, doomsday, Damien darhk, grodd, deathstroke, trickster, trickster II, captain boomerang, weather wizard, bug-eyed bandit, count vertigo, Cupid, vartox and many, many more
Person 1 - What comics are better, DC comics or marvel comics
Person 2 - That's obviously DC comics
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by Supergirl2003 May 24, 2016

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