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A small private school located in central Florida. One of the most corrupt private schools in existence today. The faculty often turns a blind eye to students doing and selling drugs or drinking on and off campus, provided their parents are wealthy. Children of less wealthy parents can expect to be singled out for the most minor violations. This school has, in the past, hired "teachers" with no teaching degree or college experience whatsoever, yet still managed to obtain accredidation, presubably through bribery. The church that shares the campus regulaly prevents people from attending church services if they are deemed "unworthy" for things such as listening to rock music or having long hair. The pastor of this church was recently discovered embezzling church funds. The former principal of the school was demoted twice and then fired for incompetence, and numerous "accounting errors" have been discovered, which were merely an attempt to rip off parents who could scarcely afford the tuition in the first place. Overall, a sham and a disgrace to those who would dare consider themselves Christians.
Man, this politician is so corrupt, he's almost as bad as Liberty Christian Academy!
by SuperStealthKiller January 26, 2011
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