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1. A French-language slur used against Anglophones in Quebec. It means square head used particularly often against Anglophones who know little French. Commonly used in Eastern Montreal where individuals may be perceived as anti-French for two reasons:

a) It is often assumed that Anglophones are native Montrealers; use of English in this area may be perceived as having an anti-French connotation.

b) Because Francophones in Quebec must take English in school, it is assumed by some Francophones that Anglophones in other parts of Canada should be taking French, and that ignorance of French means a rejection of its importance by these people. It is not widely understood in Quebec that in some areas of Canada students may choose to study a local minority second language.

An Anglophone who tries to order food at a restaurant or ask for help in a shop using English or stumbling French may overhear the term used against them.

2. Used by Francophones against Anglophone bigots and by Francophone bigots against Anglophones. Francophone bigots tend to think that all English Canadians are a homogeneous mass of hateful French-bashers... Rather than a diverse group of people who are mostly quite enamoured with the beauty and culture of La Belle Province.

Because the term is a physical-stereotype, it can be seen as a "racializing slur."

3. The term can be seen as a counterpoint to the term "frog", which is mostly used by Anglophone bigots against Francophones.
1: Tête carrée:
"Regarde-le donc à la caisse! Un autre tête carré!"
"Look at him at the checkout! Another square-head!"
(For example: This is something you can sometimes overhear at a McDonald's in Montreal-Est, when an Anglophone tries to order but has trouble with the the French names of the items on the menu).
by SuperMétis February 9, 2011
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