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The origin comes from video that has surfaced on the Internet featuring a very young girl and two adults who are most likely her parents. In the video, the adults tell the girl to say "sparkling wiggles" repeatedly.

When the little girl attempts to say it, it sounds like "fucking niggers." The young girl is obviously oblivious to what she is actually saying, while the adults laugh about it.

While some consider this to be a harmless video, many comments left on the video on youtube.com and other sites show that many people are offended by this video.
Adult: "There are too many sparkling wiggles at the party."
Young Girl: "There are too many 'fucking niggers' at the party."

Adult: "Get a job sparkling wiggle."
Young Girl: "Get a job 'fucking nigger.'"
by SuperJake March 21, 2007
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