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project sekai is a rhythm game that's like piano tiles but with anime girls.
DO NOT by ANY means ask a project sekai player what anime it is. this may end in dangerous encounters
person (referring to project sekai): omg what anime is that!
project sekai players within a 300 mile radius: GRRRRR
by SuperCoolUnicornRainbow February 23, 2023
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Lorelei is way too full of themselves, thinking that they own every room they step foot in. Never humble. But deep inside, Lorelei is misunderstood, and has a hard past. Lorelei is not to be messed with, and probably needs a good therapy session. Be gentle with your words around them, and they might just end up being a good friend.
Guy #1: God, I hate Lorelei.
Guy #2: Hey Lorelei, you're a loser!
Lorelei: That's not cool! My dog just died!
Guy #1: *starts crying*
Guy #2: Oh fiddlesticks, sorry Lorelei! I shouldn't have been so mean.
by SuperCoolUnicornRainbow October 24, 2022
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